Tuesday, 21 December 2010

First Day At The Big Apple

The Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square

Times Square

Radio City

Hot,hot,hot wings @ Hard Rock Cafe

Times Square at night

A Skyscraper

Times Square


The Rockfeller Center

The waiting line outside the Abercrombie&Fitch store on 5th Avenue

Trying the foundation I was going to buy, by Mac, at the Macy's store

Times Square again

This is not much of a fashion post, I know, but I am so, so excited about arriving at New York City that I can't even think about posting for anything else. Everything here is so different and so amazing. I stayed at Manhattan, wandering, yesterday, for 12 hours and I still have almost 25 days here to go.:-D
Anw, I made my first shopping yesterday, too. I got a foundation and a concealer from Mac , both for 50$ and  a Levi's, skinny pair of jeans for 31$ (!). All from the world's largest store: Macy's!

For the record, I was wearing:
H&M hat
Scarf handmade by my mom
Coat by Mexx
Ugg boots


  1. I'm from New York, hope you're enjoying it. The city really does have a lot to offer!
    Have fun!


  2. I envy you!!!!
    Have fun!
    Drink cocktails!
    Have the most fabulous Xmas cause you deserve to!
    And report back with lots of photos and info about my everlasting love,the concrete jungle,the big apple,the city that never sleeps that is New York of course!!!

    Have tons of fun!

    (*new follower*)

  3. I'm really jealous! but I hope you have a great time!

  4. New York City is just absolutely magical! I'm glad you're enjoying it. great post and lovely photos dear xo

  5. oh new york i'm so jealous!!!!