Sunday, 28 November 2010

Freja Beha Erichsen Tattoos

This is too shall pass

This world tonight is mine
Redemption-3 circles
Upside down triangle

A revolver

Serendipity is life

A star

Freja Breha Erichsen. A Danish model born on the 18th of October, 1987. She made her debut at the 2005 Paris and Milan fashion shows and right now is ranked as #2 at She is one of my favourite models, as I love her cool,edgy,rock style which makes her stand out among the others of her generation. Freja has, at the moment, 16 tattoos all over her body (see above).

Some runway photos from the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion shows.
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  1. I adore Freja Beha, my favorite model personally. Great collection of pics of her!

    Maryjane xoxo

  2. She's my favourite model! and truly love her tattoos!

  3. i absolutely love Freja, she is so stunning and has that flair she creates around her.
    she has definitely changed my ideas of tattoos as hers doesn't look cheap and crappy. i definitely want to get my body inked because of her.

  4. her style.her tattoo. her in general all my love x